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New app supports physician scheduling platformEstablished in 2002, Toronto-based Medevision is a cloud-based software platform developed by physicians for physicians to support the locating, communicating, and scheduling requirements that meet the specific needs of hospitals, administrators, medical departments, and practitioners. The solution is now available in a user-friendly mobile app. Whether they are on a smart phone, tablet or computer, users can now access Medevision’s powerful scheduling and locating solutions.

It’s available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded through iTunes and GooglePlay.

Medevision helps users to:

• Easily access one or more schedules
• View colleagues’ schedules
• Propose and trade shifts
• Pickup additional shifts
• Message their colleagues
• Access ‘Who’s On’ feature to see all departments’ schedules in their facilities live

With the multi-device integration that the cloud platform provides, when you update your information on one, you can trust that it’s immediately updated everywhere else.

Dr. Rob Horvath, the company’s founder, states, “The move to mobile is designed to provide a more timely and efficient experience for end users. It’s this constant evolution that users have come to expect from Medevision, which has become the go-to scheduling and locating system for medical professionals.”

Horvath adds: “We have found that the overall value and benefits of cloud scheduling and locating increases with the number of users registered on the platform in their respective facilities. Medevision Mobile will help facilities grow their user base and realize the benefits that comes with it. So we’re expecting rapid adoption.”

Medevision helps institutions provide:

• Equitable scheduling
• More efficient work-flow
• Improved staff work/life balance
• Reliable and accountable department coverage
• Clearer and faster communication among peers
• Shorter wait-times for patients

Dr. Wendy Iseman, of Markham Stouffville Hospital, says, “The Medevision App is brilliant! It is convenient and accessible. I can easily find who is on shift at any time. I can easily see the schedule of other colleagues for possible trades and simply post and accept shifts.  Notifications and schedule updates are automatic. Mistakes and no shows will be a thing of the past.”