Built for Doctors BY DOCTORS

Dr. Rob Horvath founded Medevision in 2001 with a vision — create a scheduling system for physicians that is intuitive, easy to use, and functional.

Dr. Horvath, an emergency physician at Toronto’s North York General Hospital, was frustrated with the systems his hospital was using for scheduling. He explains, “You could call 10 people to ask a favour to change just one shift. Much of the time you were bothering the wrong people, since your copy of the schedule was out of date anyway.” Tired of the rigmarole he faced every time he wanted to trade, Dr. Horvath enlisted a fellow doctor and a programmer to help him do something about it. “We built a system that showed a calendar with all the shifts your colleagues needed to change.”

Fourteen years later, Medevision has evolved into the go-to scheduling and locate system for physicians and hospitals.

The founding vision for the software rings true today. Software solutions are made or broken on the user experience. Dr. Horvath says, “Medevision was built by physicians for physicians. The user experience is paramount to us. If we help physicians be more efficient and effective in a way that’s natural to them, they’ll want to use Medevision.”

Physicians choose to work with Medevision because it fits their needs and makes their lives easier. Medevision saves time, improves workflow, and lowers hospital costs.


Medevision is built for physicians by physicians. We created the first cloud-based scheduling solution for physicians in Canada in 2001.

Medevision allows physicians to enter their schedule preferences and requests, propose changes, complete trades, and locate colleagues, all in real time. Administrators and staff are able to use Medevision’s advanced yet simple tools to create and personally manage one or more work rosters.

Medevision supports the scheduling requirements of individual groups of physicians throughout the country. We have the expertise and knowledge to deliver on what is required by hospitals and medical departments.

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Medevision is the first choice for scheduling and locate services for hospitals.