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Medevision is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 13th Annual Summit on Mobile Healthcare

medevision silver sponsorThis year’s summit will be held in Toronto on March 8th and 9th and its focus will be on improving patient outcomes by leveraging #mHealth technologies.
This is a perfect fit for Medevision, especially now that all of its popular features, physician scheduling, communications, and locating, are available on mobile. The Silver sponsorship spot makes sound strategic sense.

Dr Rob Horvath, Medevision’s founder, will be among the lineup of informative Summit speakers.  He will review some of the latest insights learned from a variety of recent studies that have examined the complexities and effects of inefficient Physician scheduling.  Some of the findings are staggering. Dr Horvath will address ways to improve and prevent many of these issues.

The 13th Annual Summit on Mobile Healthcare is Canada’s largest conversation on mHealth solutions and patient outcome improvements. Attendees can stay on top of the latest digital health technologies (#healthtech), bolster their IT ecosystem and develop a blueprint that offers their staff and patients a seamless user experience. And, Medevision is proud to support the Summit in its efforts to improve Healthcare efficiency, improved #physicianscheduling and patient outcomes.

If you’d like to attend, we are pleased to offer you our VIP code for 20% off your registration, with our compliments.

For more Summit details, visit the Summit website