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Hospital scheduling and locate services
that professionals want to use


Medevision is built to meet the scheduling needs of hospital departments

Medevision allows Physicians to enter their schedule preferences and requests, propose changes, complete trades, and locate colleagues, all in real time.


Administrators and staff are able to use Medevision’s advanced, yet simple, tools to create and personally manage one or more work rosters.

Medevision uses advanced security protocols and supports standard browsers, tablets and mobile phones.


Based upon extensive consultation and research, Medevision has compiled the necessary functional requirements and design specifications required to ensure that the needs of both hospital administrators and staff physicians are met.

How it works


Schedule Generation

Schedules are generated based on department rules and refined to reflect physician preferences and requests.



Self-scheduling provides physicians tools to set their work preferences, availability, and perform shift transactions as required.


See all department and physician scheduling in one place. Information is always live and up to date so that staff can find and connect when required.

Who uses Medevision

Client Testimonials

left-quotes Medevision is an outstanding value. It saves me time by not having to call everyone to trade one of my shifts. It also saves me money since I am more likely to trade a shift now rather than give it away.right-quotes
Dr. Arun Sayal | North York General Hospital
left-quotes It is the easiest way yet to make sure everyone has access to the latest schedule changes anywhere at anytime. It is easy to use, and easy to administer. right-quotesI highly recommend it.
Dr. Howard Ovens MD | Mount Sinai Hospital
left-quotes Medevision has been an invaluable tool in our department. It was easy to learn and our physicians just love it. It has certainly saved my administrative right-quotesassistant and me countless hours in scheduling.
Dr. Naveed Mohammad | William Osler Health Centre
left-quotes When scheduling medical trainees, Medevision saves me at least 2 hours! I’m now able to quickly glance at preceptors’ schedules and choose the right right-quotesshifts for each student. Thank you!
Dr. Meeta Patel | North York General Hospital

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Medevision is the first choice for scheduling and locate services for hospitals.